About Us

Mortgage.Exchange started from a desire to unleash affordably priced, enterprise-strength utility platform to any size mortgage banker that allowed them to compete aggressively in all market conditions. 

We are built on the ReadyPrice platform to work with Non-Delegated correspondents and investors to bring value to all. NDC’s get one portal to access multiple investors and the ability to work with lenders that would have required higher balance sheets.  Investors and warehouse lenders get to workwith NDC’s right at the point of service, with built-in protections and significantly reduced risk.

Our Team
Rick Soukoulis
Rick has always been a bit of a rebel. He has owned and operated some of the most successful regional retail and large national wholesale lenders in the country. More than twenty years ago he created what today is an online mortgage bank during the dot com boom, using it for his own companies and white labeling it for big banks and wholesalers. Now the time has come to offer this solution to every mortgage banker as an affordable, turn-key (but customizable) solution for the everyman lender.

Today Rick is out of the lending game, and “all-in” on providing technology to bankers who want to get out from under the behemoth technology companies most feel that they have no choice but to use. Gone are the days of an LOS or PPE dominating or controlling our business.

You can see more about Rick’s legacy at www.soukoulis.com
Lincoln Heacock
Lincoln is a business technology and strategy leader with over 20 years of experience at companies like Axon, Proteus Digital health, Alliance Data, Apigee, VMWare, Visa and CyberSource. He is a strategic technical manager with a strong business acumen, product development, and communication skills, and leads the operations and development teams at ReadyPrice.
Mitchell Hogins
Mitch is responsible for financial oversight of ReadyPrice. He has over 30 years experience in financial services and consumer lending in senior financial and operational roles, including 18 years in commercial banks and 12 years in mortgage and finance companies. He has extensive experience managing funding facilities, asset securitizations, loan sales and liquidity positions. Mitch has led numerous enterprise-wide strategic initiatives that required extensive coordination of all areas within the company.
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