The ReadyPrice Mission

To provide loan originators, investors, warehouse lenders and fulfillment providers a single, digital ecosystem for seamless mortgage banking transactions.




We started from a desire to unleash an affordably priced, enterprise-strength utility platform to any size mortgage banker that allowed them to compete aggressively in all market conditions.


Mortgage.Exchange is a custom version of the ReadyPrice platform, specifically designed with the needs of Non-Del's. Non-Del's have a single platform to work with investors, warehouse lenders and  fulfillment partners. Investors and warehouse lenders get to work with Non-Del's right at the point of service, with built-in protections and significantly reduced risk.



Rick has owned and operated some of the most successful regional and national wholesale lenders in the country. He created what today is an online mortgage bank during the "dot com" boom, using it for his own companies and white labeling it for big banks and wholesalers. Today Rick is out of the lending game, and “all-in” on providing technology to bankers. Learn more about Rick at


Throughout his career, Rick has had the opportunity and wherewithal to compete on the cutting edge of the mortgage technology industry. Rick has always been a bit of a rebel, and his "never take no as an answer" mentality has allowed him to create new boundaries in the business of originating, funding and selling mortgages.


Western Bancorp


2008 - 2018



Founder & CEO

1999 - 2007

America's Funding Source

Founder & CEO

1990 - 1999

Mortgage Division, Charles Schwab


1995 - 1997

5671 Santa Teresa Blvd, Suite #101

San Jose, CA 95123

(408) 357-0931

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